Weekly Menu

Our healthy eating plan provides children at St. Bernards with a balanced diet that is essential for their growth and teeth.

Morning and afternoon snacks: water or milk with a selection of fresh fruit, bread sticks and rice cakes.

Vegetarian options are available and we cater for dietary requirements.


Lunch and Afternoon Tea Menu

Week commencing: XX / XX / XX



Cheese and tomato pasta
Wholemeal roll

Banana and custard

Fruit and carrot sticks
Cheese crackers


Sweat and sour chicken and rice

Fruit cocktail

Han and cheese pitta bread


Chicken pie
Sweet potato and sweetcorn or peas

Biscuit delight

Beans on toast


Toad in the hole
Seasonal veg

Rice pudding



Jacket potato, cheese and beans

Fruit crumble and custard

Selection of sandwiches

Please speak to a member of nursery staff if you have any questions.

And please remember this is a guide, the menu may change depending on food available for the week ahead.