What people say about St Bernards

The following testimonials are genuine quotations from parents whose children have attended St. Bernards Nursery.


“The nursery is fantastic! My daughter has been going there for about 16 months and I couldn't be more happier with her progress in this time. The staff are so friendly, caring and helpful, they are there both for the child and parent. A very welcoming nursery who listen!”
J. Fox

“We have always found the nursery to be very helpful, flexible and understanding when our needs have changed and look forward to our youngest starting there.”

S. Bridge

“When our first child came of nursery age we enrolled him at St.Bernard's. We have watched his character develop and his understanding of the world around him grow enormously. St Bernard's staff have nurtured his interpersonal skills so he mixes well with other children, is sensitive to others needs and has learnt the value and rewards of sharing. He has a healthy appetite for learning that the staff ensure is always catered for with a wide spectrum of activities. When our second child was of nursery age we had no hesitation in enrolling her at St. Bernard's as we want her, too, to enjoy the benefits of a great nursery.”

S. Butler

“I have been thrilled with the care my daughter has received at St.Bernards nursery. She is treated as an individual and the time and effort that the staff has put into getting to know her has amazed me. She has developed immensely since she started and always has a new word or phrase when I collect her. The staff always gives the impression of loving their jobs and especially the children and I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone wanting high quality nursery care.”

Mr Sansom